Liberate Portfolio Solutions has a distinctive style and culture that sets it apart from other property asset management firms that is firmly rooted in team work, integrity, entrepreneurial creativity and unyielding professional excellence.  In optimising its inherent operational and cultural diversity to best commercial impact, it is more adaptable to emerging trends, opportunities and situations in SE Europe and beyond.  As a result, the company encourages its people to make a sustainable difference for clients and their stakeholders.

Currently, across all the markets in which we operate, our portfolio is comprised of over 2,200,000 m² of land, over 59,000 m² of built retail parks, 36,000 m² of built food supermarkets, and over 400 residential flats and houses in planning and construction.

Since 2007, Tagor was involved in the acquisition, development and renovation of real estate properties and projects of over 1.1 million m² and over 50 significant transactions across Romania. Furthermore, the Tagor team provided excellent experience in identifying and tailoring strategies for real estate assets and portfolios throughout the country.  The individual expertise and in-house capabilities in development, asset management, marketing and finance fully complement each other and enables Tagor to offer a complete “end-to-end” range of solutions to holders of real estate assets, both performing and non-performing.  For more information, please see Tagor projects.

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