Secured NPL Portfolio Management

Liberate Portfolio Solutions provides portfolio servicing, including all relevant strategic decisions for optimal credit recovery, borrower negotiation strategies, settlements and agreements, credit restructuring, oversight and management of judicial process and of all sub-servicers.

Liberate Portfolio Solutions is responsible for the oversight and management of all aspects and administration secured NPLs and REO portfolios.  The range of activities we deliver include:  portfolio oversight including management and administration, control of cash, data and critical portfolio reports, and financial reporting.

All portfolio servicing management is performed using Liberate Portfolio Solutions in-house team and processes to enhance portfolio performance by proactively managing key value drivers, running and monitoring the overall practices of different third party providers, promoting cash flows and reducing costs.

The business aims to achieve long-term success and solid returns for its clients by acquiring, developing, managing, adding value and disposing of investment properties.  The company uses a hands-on approach to acquisition and asset management and is able to provide a complete array of solutions within the four major phases of the investment process:  deal sourcing, acquisition, asset management and disposal.

Active Real Estate Portfolio Asset Management